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We spend a fortune on dye jobs, highlights, and touchups. Then within weeks, then that color begins to fade away. However, that hair colour does not have to fade away too fast. Here are 15 tips to stretch that hair color and keep your fabulous look.

1. Keep Away from hot showers

Time to turn down the heat. Hot showers aren’t only a recipe for rough and dry skin, but they also massacre your hue. Hot water opens the cuticle to wash away the dye. Shampoo and rinse your hair with room temperature water. Dry using a towel, condition and rinse with cold water to seal the cuticle. That keeps your locks looking nice, hydrated and eliminates split ends.


Shampooing your hair daily washes away your hair colour and natural oils as well. Decide on a dry shampoo to soak up grease, sweat and also add quantity.

3. Avoid sulfate-based shampoo on color-treated hair

When washing, go for gentle, sulfate-free shampoos to make your stripes look fantastic for longer. Sulfates contain salts that strip away moisture and color from hair. Moisture loss is the main cause of loss of color hair.


Hard water removes dyes and natural oils very fast. Filters remove mineral sediments, the saboteurs which make brunette strands brassy and fades you red hue, from the water. Filters remove soap build-ups and heavy metals that mess up with your hair colour.

5. Use deep conditioners for color-treated hair

For colour treated hair, deep conditioning with a conditioner specifically designed for colored hair is crucial. Deep conditioning moisturizes and nourishes your hair, making it soft and shiny. Deep color conditioners prevent color fading Apply the conditioner for colored hair to the root of your hair for maximum benefits


Rinsing a hair conditioner washes away the hair colour. Decide on a weekly deep conditioning to keep your hair from fading. Allow the deep conditioner to break on your hair for around 10 minutes to receive full benefits. Putting on a shower cap to build up heat allows the conditioner to penetrate better. Protein deep conditioning can also be performed on hair that requires deep conditioning.

7. Use jojoba oil
Jojoba oil resembles natural oils created by the hair. Add jojoba oil to your shampoo, or apply it to wash hair. The oil serves to moisturize dry and wet hair thus maintaining color.

8. Cut down on your heat tools

Heat is often rough on hair colour. Regular blow drying, hot tool styling, dryers, and flat irons do a number on your hue.

9. Use Thermal protectants

When heat styling your hair, use a thermal protectant to protect hair from dryness, breakages, and colour fading.

10. Too much sunlight ruins your hue

Too many UV rays are dangerous to your hair color. Go for conditioners which have built in UV protection. Hair sunscreen smoothens and protects hair without making it greasy. Wear hats if you spend a whole lot of time in the sun.

11. Consider adding a top coat

To maintain color and raise the glow, scheduling a glossing treatment with your stylist is recommended. A top coat functions to add a shiny color and lock the color in for a durable fabulous look. Neutralizes any brassiness as well as sealing the cuticles.

12. Prepare your hair

Do homework before coloring. Chelating shampoos and deep conditioning masks help you lock in the coloring molecules in for longer.

13. Swim smarter

Utilize hair protections with SPF when swimming to keep your hair color intact. Spray a leave-in conditioner before swimming to moisturize. That way it will not consume as much pool or ocean water.

14. Go for quality conditioners

Utilize hair dyes, highlights, and conditioners that your hair can retain for a long time. Hair colors fortified with natural oils help retain moisture from your color-treatment, leaving it looking shiny and healthy. Consider using ammonia-free hair colours.


Therefore, consume balanced diets to keep your color looking fresh longer. Iron rich diets build healthy keratin Proteins improve texture, stimulate growth and strengthen hair. Vitamins also help keep color treated hair shiny and healthy. Palm Bay FL Medical Marijuana Doctor would be happy to help out.

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